LS Chairman

Hello, I am Ja Eun Koo.

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LS has grown by leading the industrialization and economic development of Korea in the field of national key industries such as electricity, electronics, materials, and energy based on the management philosophy of LS Partnership.

Major affiliates include LS Cable & System, one of the top three global cable manufacturers; LS ELECTRIC, a leader in electric power & automation solutions; LS MnM, one of the three largest copper producers in the world; E1 and YESCO, the joint energy industry leaders in Korea.

By establishing production and sales subsidiaries in over 100 countries in 25 countries around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia, LS has leaped to become a global leading company. LS is nurturing Superconducting Cable, Smart Grids, Renewable Energy and electric vehicle parts that will lead the ‘Electrification era’ as a new growth engine.

LS will continue to strive to provide greater value to customers as a “Future Comprehensive Energy Solution Company” that continues to grow with society by developing eco-friendly technologies, maximizing shareholder value, and establishing transparent management based on ESG management.

Hong Ik High School
Benedictine University (Business Administration)
Chicago University (Master of Business Administration)
Major Experience
Chairman of LS(Present)
Chariman of LS Mtron & The head of Future Transformation Group, LS Corp.
CEO/Vice Chairman, LS Mtron & Vice Chairman, LS Corp.
President & Chief Executive Officer, LS Cable & System
Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, LS MnM
Director of China branch, LS Cable

CEO Message

I am President & CEO Roe-Hyun Myung of LS Corp.

LS Corp. has fully embraced sustainable management based on the principles of transparency, safety, and responsible management since its establishment as a holding company in 2008. Our affiliates have developed their own corporate cultures and strategies for sustainable management in line with the nature of their business areas.

We are building a balanced business portfolio by further reinforcing our competitiveness in the areas of our focus, such as electricity, electronics, materials, and energy, while also developing and fostering promising new businesses in preparation for electrification to achieve carbon neutrality.

We will continue to increase shareholder value through the future-oriented management of the Group’s business portfolio by developing new businesses and making M&A efforts with the spirit of ceaseless innovation.

We will also communicate more actively with our partners, including shareholders, customers, and markets, and strive to grow and develop together with the communities we serve through ESG management.

Roe-Hyun Myung
Vice Chairman & CEO, LS Corp.
Yonsei University International Management
Major Experience
Currently, Vice Chairman & CEO, LS Corp.
President & CEO, LS Corp.
LS Cable & System, President & CEO
LS Cable & System, Vice President & CEO


  • Christopher KooChairman, LS Corp.' board of directors

  • Cha-Yub Koo Chairman, LS Cable & Systems' board of directors

  • Ja-Chul KooChairman, YESCO holdings

  • Ja-Yong KooChairman, E1/CEO

  • Ja-Kyun KooChairman, LS ELECTRIC


  • Roe-Hyun MyungVice Chairman & CEO, LS Corp.

  • Bon-Kyu KooPresident & CEO, LS Cable & System

  • Dong-Hyun KimVice President, LS ELECTRIC

  • Stuart DohVice Chairman & CEO, LS MnM

  • Dongwhi Dan KooVice President & COO, LS MnM

  • Chai-Ho ShinPresident & CEO, LS Mtron

  • Jeong-Sik ChonExecutive Vice President & Chief Safety Officer, E1

  • Bon-Hyuk KooPresident & CEO, YESCO Holdings

  • Howan KimCEO / Senior Vice President of Yesco