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Dream Science Class

LS Group and Child Fund carry out scientific experiment/practice classes and culture & arts experiential activities once a week for elementary school children in the fifth and sixth grades during school breaks.
By teaching scientific principle in an easy and interesting way, we encourage children to naturally have an interest in science and to carry on their interest to school classes after the school break is over. University students with natural sciences or engineering majors give science classes and mentoring after completing relevant teaching programs.

※ The scientific experiments and practice of LS Dream Science Class are carried out according to the programs of National Academy of Engineering of Korea.

Main Activities
  • Science Class

    Promoting interest in science and grow their dreams by learning scientific theories close to everyday life and making experimental kits directly related to what they learned.

  • Cultural Experience

    Activities for cultural experiences to help children who participate in Dream Science Class to enjoy various activities.

  • Vision Camp

    Children in each region who participated in the Program share their experiences and impressions at various recreation, golden bell, and special lectures.