CI Introduction

Blue Color Transparency and Reliability

Red Color Challenging and Progressive thinking

In the shape of an arrowhead The strong will of the company is to strive ceaselessly towards creating a brighter future; to become an infinitely responsive and innovative company which can create new paradigms for our industry. Curved Line Our customers are at the heart of our concerns.

Color System

  • LS Blue + LS Red
  • Silver
  • Gold

When using the blue and red hues incorporated into the LS logo, a harmonious blend should be produced based on the precise standards outlined in the LS logo manual.

Primary Colors
    • Printed ColorPANTONE 281C
    • Process ColorC100+M80+Y25
    • RGB ColorR10+G30+B90
  • LS RED
    • Printed ColorPANTONE 199C
    • Process ColorC5+M100+Y80
    • RGB ColorR250+G0+B45
Sub Colors
    • Printed ColorPANTONE 312C
    • CMYK ColorC100+Y15
    • RGB ColorR0+G155+B180
  • BLUE
    • Printed ColorPANTONE 3005C
    • CMYK ColorC100+M30+K5
    • RGB ColorR5+G105+B160
  • GRAY
    • Printed ColorPANTONE 430C
    • CMYK ColorC5+K50
    • RGB ColorR125+G130+B130
    • Printed ColorPANTONE 877C
    • CMYK ColorC40+M30+Y30+K13
    • RGB ColorR135+G130+B125
  • GOLD
    • Printed ColorPANTONE 872C
    • CMYK ColorC30+M40+Y80+K18
    • RGB ColorR125+G13+B13