Sustainability Management

Social Contribution

Program Focus

LS Group’s social contribution activities start small, and flourish into activities that provide genuine benefits for people.

About the Programs

  • Support Program for Neglected Social Classes and Youth

  • Global Aid Program

  • Local Community Support and Environmental Protection Program

Social Contribution

We strive to realize the vision Enable the Cabled World which allows everyone to have access to energy and information. As part of the efforts, activities such as donation of talent and sharing events with local communities at home and abroad are conducted to furfill our social responsibility.

Donation of Talent
  • Electrical Safety Checks on Traditional Markets

    We have been providing monthly electrical safety checks in traditional markets since September 2017.

  • Industry-academia Cooperation

    We signed MoUs with Kangwon National University and Youngjin College to provide training programs.

    The Job Schooling, an internship program started in 2012, provides the students of Kangwon National University majoring in electricity and electronics and IT engineering with education and employment opportunities.

Local Community Support
  • Donation from Monthly Salary

    Regular donations for needy neighbors.

  • Employees’ Sharing Activities

    Our employee volunteer groups have supported senior citizens living alone,and children with disabilities, and poorly-fed children to help them stand on their feet.

    정기적 성금 및 물품 지원, 노력봉사

Global Sharing Activities
  • Local Community Support by Overseas Subsidiaries

    LS-VINA, our subsidiary in Vietnam raises funds to support schools in rural areas and for the blind, and low-income families in Hai Phong.

    Employees regularly make a visit to schools for the blind and orphanages for volunteer activities and donate PCs to rural schools.

    농촌지역 학교 PC 기증 등

LSIS Local Community Contribution

LSIS has been faithfully conducting activities that help us contribute to forging a better society. Based on the three principles of Partnership, Initiative and Continuity, community-based and seasonal support programs including donations to low-income households are in place.

Seasonal Support

We have donated winter clothes to low-income households in winter, lunchboxes during the Chuseok holidays, and cooling equipment in summer. For the Lunar New Year, a ddeokkuk (a traditional holiday dish) sharing event is held for the elderly living alone in cooperation with local senior welfare service centers.

Environmental Cleanup Programs
  • Let's Make Green with LS ELECTRIC

    ‘Let’s Make It Green with LSIS’ is a campaign to preserve ecosystems in cities and protect the environment in cooperation with local communities and civic groups. As part of these efforts, a volunteer group of 30 LSIS employees, International Environmental Action Association members, and local residents held a Making a Clean Anyang Stream event in June 2017. They infused EM (effective microorganisms) soil balls into the stream, cleaned away garbage, and removed invasive plants disturbing the ecosystem. Similar environment cleanup activities are being conducted regularly at other worksites as well.

Social Contribution Programs in each business site(Cheong-ju, Cheonan, Busan sites)
  • Employees’ Sharing Activities

    Volunteer activities at Gomduri Gymnagium and Yesim House. Support for selling agricultural products under One Company One Village sisterhood.

  • Caretaker of Korean Cultural Heritage

    LSIS has installed safety signs around Sangdang Mountain Fortress and conducts mountain purification.

  • Green Day Event

    LSIS conducts purification of paths, rivers, streams and public facilities in local areas and business sites.

Company that Shares Hope with Society

LS MnM create a better world by cooperating with local communities as a corporate citizen who is composing a society where the ultimate goal is not simple profit seeking.

Social Welfare Aid

LS MnM is running a volunteer program to provide continuous, family-like support to our neighbors in need. With collective compassion, our executives and their families share and give to programs aiding senior citizens living alone, handicapped children and blood donation volunteer work.

  • Supporting oppressed social classes through the ‘Good Morning Campaign’
  • Aiding neglected social classes through the ‘Salary Deduction Program’
  • House Repairing Habitat Movement
  • Providing regular volunteer service and supplies to local institutions
Environmental Improvement Program

LS MnM is working to create a healthy atmosphere in each business site by improving our surrounding environment. LS-Nikko is assuming the active role of a caretaker of the environment through programs such as ocean purification and company grounds beautification.

Scholarship and Donation

LS MnM is continuously supporting underprivileged students to help them realize their dream and hope, so they can become leaders in the future. In addition, LS-Nikko is running a program that provides military camps with supplies and supports various event.

  • '1 Company 1 School' scholarship aid
  • Regular donations to child welfare facilities (‘Cheonsa’ Institute, ‘Hyejin’ Institute)

Sharing Happiness

We will actively participate in the activities for the development and growth of the local communities, fulfill our social responsibility through employee volunteer activities, and create a world where all members of our society live in harmony.

We Love Farming Village Volunteer Group

The We Love Farming Village volunteer group is one of our representative social contribution programs in which we join forces with local communities to deal with the issues such as aging farming population, an increase in the poor population, and the elderly living alone.

Spread Hope School Program

We are making efforts to help children in need to grow up healthy in body and mind. As part of the efforts, we are running a program called ‘Spread Hope School’ in which employees are donating talent.

Global Happy Village Campaign

Through the support and aid of human rights, education and basic living standards in undeveloped countries, LS Mtron strives to establish Korea’s national brand and assume its duty and responsibility as a world partner in the global era.

Informal Volunteer Groups
  • 사업장별 봉사 인포멀을 중심으로 자발적인 봉사활동 진행

    We have informal volunteer groups from four plants which are actively involved in activities for the local communities.

    The informal volunteer groups in LS Mtron are taking the initiative in helping the underprivileged in our society.

Economic Development and Social Welfare Improvement

LS Mtron is working to improve the welfare of poor local communities and provide aid to neglected social classes.
In addition, LS Mtron has contributed to the development of and enhanced ties with local communities through the “1 company, 1 village” program.

E1 Strives to Fulfill Social Responsibility and Make a Better World for All.

Hope Recharge Campaign

To improve the welfare and rights of the handicapped people E1 is conducting “Hope Recharge Campaign,” in which the company provides 105 million won to 21 welfare facilities for the handicapped under the recommendation of Korea Association of Welfare Institutions. The financial contribution is composed of E1 Orange Points donated by the customers and the company funds, and the money is used for medical rehabilitation, self-sufficiency program, and program and facility improvement projects.

Hope Recharge Volunteer Service Group

Through Hope Recharge Campaign, E1 is affiliated with 21 welfare facilities for the handicapped, which are matched with the company departments. The employees regularly visit the facilities to provide volunteer services.

E1 Charity Open Fund

E1 is hosting E1 Charity Open, a Korean ladies’ professional golf competition, since 2013. The company has developed the competition as a social service activity, encouraging the participating golfers to donate 10% of the total prize, which is then matched by the company to support welfare facilities for the handicapped and promising young golfers.

LPG Hope Recharge Fund

E1 donated 10 billion won to the Korean LPG Association in 2012, 2014, and 106 to create LPG Hope Recharge Fund (20 billion won), which is used to improve the energy welfare of vulnerable groups. The fund is also used to enhance LPG supply facilities and support scholarships for taxi drivers.

Housing Support Program
  • House Building Program

    Together with Habitat for Humanity Korea, YESCO strives to create warm living environments for families through house building volunteer work.

  • Flood Damage Restoration Aid Program

    YESCO provides volunteer service for restoring and visiting areas affected by floods.

  • Support Program for Senior Citizens Living Alone

    YESCO conducts volunteer service to improve and aid the housing environment of senior citizens who live alone.

Support Program for Neglected Social Classes
  • Food Donation

    YESCO distributes rice to children of families without parents and local neglected social classes.

  • Volunteer Program

    YESCO conducts volunteer service by regular visits to children homes, community welfare centers, etc.

Collaborative Contribution Programs
  • 1 Company 1 Village Program

    Through a collaboration with Jinchenon-myeon Chungcheongbut-do, YESCO contributes to the trade of special local produce.

  • The Beautiful Foundation

    YESCO sponsors donations and provides volunteer service in collaboration with The beautiful Foundation, ‘Beautiful Store,’ The Beautiful day.’ and ‘Beautiful Sharing.’

  • Others

    YESCO provides volunteer service through distributing materials to locate missing children, Baffor volunteer work and improvement of facilities, aid project for personal medical operation costs, salary deduction system.