Sustainability Management


The LS will pursue growth with various stakeholders based on transparent and responsible management.

Board of Directors Information

Position Name Date of Appointment Term Reappointment Recommended by Relevant Experience
Executive director (full-time) Christopher Koo March 18, 2002 March 29, 2026 Reappointed on March 29, 2023 Board of Directors * Current) Chairman of LS’s Board of Directors
* Former) President of KITA, Director of the Korean National Academy of Sciences
* Former) Chairman of the Presidential Council on Intellectual Property, Chairman of the Korea Invention Promotion Association
Executive director (full-time) Ja-Eun Koo March 28, 2018 March 29, 2024 Reappointed on March 29, 2021 Board of Directors * Current) President of LS
* Former) President of LS Mtron
* Former) CEO of LS Cable & System
Executive director (full-time) Roe-Hyun Myung March 29, 2022 March 29, 2025 N/A Board of Directors * Current) CEO of LS Corp. (Vice President)
* Former) CEO of LS Cable & System
Independent director Jong-Seok Ye March 28, 2020 March 29, 2026 Reappointed on March 29, 2023 Nominating Committee * Current) Chairman of the Youngdo Scholarship Society, Director of Kookmin Academy, an academic foundation,
* Former) Chairman of the Community Chest of Korea, Vice Chairman of the Korea Swimming Federation
* Former) Professor/honorary professor of business administration at Hanyang University
Independent director Dae-Soo Lee March 28, 2020 March 29, 2023 Reappointed on March 29, 2023 Nominating Committee * Former) CEO of Woori Futures Co., Ltd.
* Former) Independent Director (Audit Committee Member) of NH Futures Co. Ltd.
* Former) Head of Woori Investment & Securities Management Support Division
Independent director Dong-Min Chong March 29, 2021 March 29, 2024 N/A Nominating Committee * Current) Attorney at Barun Law, Current) Independent Director of LG Chem (Audit Committee member)
* Former) Chief prosecutor of the Seoul Western District Prosecutors' Office and Director of Immigration Service of the Ministry of Justice
Independent director Hyeon-Ju Park March 29, 2023 March 29, 2026 N/A Nominating Committee * Current) CEO of CIOT Co., Inc. Chairman of Korean IT Business Women's Association
* Current) a member of the National Economic Advisory Council and a member of the National Data Policy Committee
* Former) Vice-Chairman of the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, adjunct professor at Dongguk University

Committee Information

Name of Committee Members Major Tasks
ESG Committee Jong-Seok Ye
Dae-Soo Lee
Dong-Min Chong
Hyeon-Ju Park
Roe-Hyun Myung
* Purpose: Promote ESG management practices with responsibility and maintain a balance between the company's short-term performance and sustainable long-term strategies
* Authority: Approve the direction for ESG strategy and policy, report on ESG promotion activities, deliberate on internal transactions in advance, etc.
Audit Committee Dae-Soo Lee
Jong-Seok Ye
Dong-Min Chong
* Purpose: Audit the company’s accounting and business activities
* Authority: Access accounting records, relevant documents and other documents on important issues on an ongoing basis, and also receive reports regarding business activities from directors
Nominating Committee Dae-Soo Lee
Jong-Seok Ye
Roe-Hyun Myung
* Purpose: Ensure fairness and independence when appointing independent directors
* Authority: Recommend candidates for the position of independent director during the general shareholders' meeting

Shareholders’ Meeting Results

Agenda Purpose of Meeting Approval Status Total Number of Issued Shares with Voting Rights Total Number of Shares with Voting Rights Exercised Agree Disagree
Ratio Ratio
No. 1 Financial statements for the 54th fiscal year (Jan. 1, 2022 to Dec. 31, 2022) (including statement of disposition of retained earnings) and approval of consolidated financial statements (Expected dividend per share: 1,550 KRW) Approved 27,458,630 20,752,068 20,109,005 97% 643,063 3%
No. 2 Appointment of an executive director (Christopher Koo) Approved 27,458,630 20,752,068 13,206,377 64% 7,545,691 36%
No. 3 Appointment of an independent director
No. 3-1 Appointment of an independent director (Hyeon-Ju Park) Approved 27,458,630 20,752,068 20,651,550 100% 100,518 0.5%
No. 3-2 Appointment of an independent director (Dae-Soo Lee) Approved 27,458,630 20,752,068 17,789,556 86% 2,962,512 14%
No. 3-3 Appointment of an independent director (Jong-Seok Ye) Approved 27,458,630 20,752,068 17,951,272 87% 2,800,796 13%
No. 4 Appointment of an audit committee member
No. 4-1 Appointment of an audit committee member (Dae-Soo Lee) Approved 27,458,630 16,696,192 13,724,565 82% 2,971,627 18%
No. 4-2 Appointment of an audit committee member (Jong-Seok Ye) Approved 27,458,630 16,696,192 13,889,577 83% 2,806,615 17%
No. 5 Approval of a limit to directors’ remuneration Approved 27,458,630 20,752,068 20,378,487 98% 373,581 2%

ESG Ratings1

Year Total ESG Ratings Environmental Social Governance
2023 A A A A
2022 C B+ A C
2021 A B+ A+ B+
2020 B+ B B+ A
2019 B+ B A B

1) Source : Korea Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability (KCGS)