LS Cable & System Operates the First ‘News Room’ in the Cable Industry

LS Cable&System2022-11-03


Finishing off the main page of ‘LS Cable & System News Room’

■ New online communication channel to strengthen communication with stakeholders
■ Emphasizing new growth engines such as renewable energy and electric vehicle components
■ Storytelling through interviews with employees and videos

LS Cable & System announced on November 3 that it will begin operating LS Cable & System News Room: NewsPresso, the first an online communication channel in the cable industry.

The purpose of the newsroom is to strengthen communication with stakeholders such as the media, customers and shareholders by establishing a dedicated news channel.

The newsroom consists of ▲Press Room, ▲Business, ▲People and Culture, and ▲Sustainability Management.

Unlike its website, which focuses on one-sided information delivery (e.g., corporate PR and product introduction), the newsroom is structured around storytelling. The varied content, including behind-the-scenes stories of orders and product development, industry trends, and more, will be delivered in an interesting way through interviews with employees and videos.

In addition, various information scattered around online and offline sources will now be available in one place. You can easily download and use content necessary for news production, such as press releases, images and videos.

In particular, you can view various items related to ESG activities and new growth engines such as submarine cables and electric vehicle components at a glance. You can also see news about the company’s domestic and foreign subsidiaries and stories about their employees.
“We are operating the newsroom to deliver a wealth of information that can enhance understanding of the cable industry among various stakeholders,” said the company. “We will more actively deliver the brand value of LS Cable & System, which has been enhanced by our expansion into new industries such as renewable energy and electric vehicles.”